Thursday, 25 May 2017


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Ref. No. 130/AIB/S/17                                                                          Dt. 24.05.17
Ms. Vanaja N. Sarna,
Chairperson, CBEC,
North Block, New Delhi.
Sub: Measures to be taken to remove the stagnation of Central Excise Executive Officers.
            Your kind attention is invited to the last submissions made before your goodself in person. You were pleased to intend bringing a scheme for removal of acute stagnation of Central Excise Executive Officers to benefit the already stagnated officers as well as the future generation. The Association is very much thankful to your goodself for the same. 
            2. It is submitted with due regards that our officers are forced to retire with single promotion on a PB2 post (Level-8) in a career of 35-40 years after joining the job as Inspector (Level-7) barring 1% whereas our counterparts including Examiners (under same organization of CBEC in same cadre of Inspector), CSS and CBDT under the same Department of Revenue of same Ministry of Finance are getting 5 to 6 promotions easily attaining PB4 levels (Level-13 & above) to reach the level of Joint Secretary/Commissioner after being recruited through one and the same process in the same grade under same competitive examination. The matter was raised before the Cabinet Secretary and he was pleased to recommend to the Cabinet to bring measures to remove the stagnation of our officers independent of cadre restructuring which was duly approved by the Cabinet but no step has been taken till date even after expiry of more than 3 years despite of the recommendations of Cabinet/CRC/Cabinet Secretary. A scheme is, therefore, required to be formulated on immediate basis enabling Central Excise Superintendents and Inspectors entered into PB4 levels (at least a Grade Pay of Rs. 8700/-/Level-13) like the common entry counterparts of CBDT, CSS, Customs etc. too.
              3. There is no change in the scenario regarding our career prospects despite of the repeated requests and representations made to the administration. Gross injustice is being done to our officers despite of being instrumental with full dedication & commitment to collect the biggest portion of Govt. revenues always above even redefined revenue targets. Temporary posts of Asstt. Commissioner created in the cadre restructuring are also unable to undo the injustice, that’s why the Cabinet approved to bring measures independent of cadre restructuring on the issue of our stagnation. These temporary posts will only enable around 4% of our officers to get JTS post without any right for further promotions. 
4. Central Excise Superintendents/Inspectors are also forced to work under their extreme juniors of Customs (Examiners) belonging to one & the same cadre of Inspector and recruited through one & same process with common competitive examination under one & same organization of CBEC in one & same department of Revenue of one & same Ministry of Finance with one & same administrative hierarchy as well as same nature of job. Examiner of 1984 has already become Addl. Commissioner (GP-Rs. 8700/- in PB4/Level-13) after getting 5 promotions whereas the Central Excise Inspector of 1984 is yet to get IInd promotion to JTS post of Asstt. Commissioner (GP-Rs. 5400/- in PB3/Level-10). We have nothing against any of our counterparts including Customs and wish them to get even more promotions but the discrimination being done to us should be undone by bringing at par with them maintaining the relative seniority in accordance of the initial recruitment without reverting back any of them.
5. The parity, functional or even non-functional, with the common entry counterparts is the actual need of time and may be brought by taking the measures like below-
(a) Time bound promotions/scales: Time scales after every 7 years were also recommended by CBEC to 6th CPC vide F.No.A.26017/147 /06-Ad.II.A Dt. 04.01.07 as one of the measures for our officers. No posts will be required to be created for the grant of time scale after every 7 years.
(b) Notional promotions granting batch to batch parity with the best placed common entry counterparts like CSS etc. There already exist so many legal verdicts in the favour of various employees of many other organizations on notional promotions.  
(c) Creation of supernumerary posts which will be personal to the officer at each level of the promotion and will be abolished with the retirement of the officer. There already exist so many legal verdicts in the favour of various employees of many other organizations on supernumerary posts too.
(d) Creation of separate service: It was also recommended to 6th CPC by CBEC vide F.No.A.26017/147 /06-Ad.II.A Dt. 04.01.07 as one of the measures. The draft RR’s for separate service have already been submitted to the CBEC by the Association. The separate service for group ‘B’ officers has also been recommended on various occasions by the CBEC and also by the IRS Officers Association. This may be created by taking all of the temporary posts as well as regular posts at group ‘A’ entry level by upgrading these to STS (with the provision of promoting Superintendents directly to STS)+half of existing STS posts+additional posts at each level in proportion to CSS.  
(e) Direct promotion to higher post/s: Customs Ministerial officers have been promoted as Appraiser without working even for a single day on feeder post of Examiner in CBEC. Likewise, our officers may also kindly be promoted directly to the higher posts at par with common entry counterparts.
(f) In-situ promotions (requiring no creation of posts) on completion of residency periods as prescribed by DOPT under OM No. AB.14017/61/2008-Estt. (RR) Dt. 24.03.09 after joining as Inspector.
(g) Batch to batch functional upgradation at par with the best placed common entry counterparts.
(h) Batch to batch non-functional upgradation at par with the best placed common entry counterparts like CSS etc. (also requiring no creation of posts) based on the precedent of DOPT OM No. AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dt. 24.04.09 granting NFU to other group ‘A’ officers at par with IAS.
(i) Re-framing the recruitment rules prescribing the qualifying services in consonance of the DOPT OM No. AB-14017/61/2008-Estt.(RR) dt. 24.03.09 without trifurcating the cadre at group ‘B’ non-gazetted/group ‘B’ gazetted level. This OM stipulates the promotion of the Inspector grade to the grade of Joint Commissioner, Additional Commissioner & Commissioner respectively after completion of 12, 17 & 20 years of service. The validity of this OM was also not questioned by CBEC during the presentation of cadre restructuring proposal on 18.01.11 but CBEC showed its inability to implement the same due to the want of the required number of vacancies/posts. Regarding the want of the required number of vacancies/posts, it is requested that the officers may kindly be granted in-situ promotions after completion of the prescribed service (also requiring no creation of posts) independent of cadre restructuring. A little deviation from the above mentioned DOPT guidelines, already framed with due diligence & application of mind by DOPT, may be understood but the non-implementation of the same at all is never understandable. If the grant of the prescribed grade is not possible within 20 years, we may be granted the same after completion of 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 or even 30 years (after completion of 1½ times of qualifying service based on the precedent of CSS of promoting all the Section Officers to the STS post of Under Secretary after completion of 1½ times of qualifying service in 1999). In CSS, they still have provisions of in-situ promotions upto the level of Joint Secretary.
(j) At least 5 in-situ promotions in standard uniform promotional hierarchy of functional promotions under flexible/dynamic promotion/complementing scheme (FCS or DACP).
(k) Non-functional upgradation on completion of residency periods as prescribed by DOPT under OM No. AB.14017/61/2008-Estt. (RR) Dt. 24.03.09 after joining as Inspector. No need to say that the same have been prescribed by DOPT with due diligence and application of mind.
            6. In view of the above particularly considering the extraordinarily acute stagnation of our officers, it is requested to kindly bring the scheme accordingly to enable our officers also attain PB4 levels (Level-13 & above).
               Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


Secretary General.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Notice of the convention was issued duly based on Delhi AEC meeting presided by dear Chandramouli only. Name of the meeting was also had pre-convention meeting only on his suggestion. Despite of it, many false and unfortunate claims are being made on social media. Perhaps such things always happens whenever the convention is near. Unintentional delay of a few months is never said delay, it generally happens. If there is any delay, only remedy is to declare the convention at an early date. Accordingly, it has been declared after pre-convention meeting of Delhi. As far as the issuance of the notice for convention by any promotee AC is concerned, it makes no difference because he is not only the Secretary General of the AIACEGEO but he is also the member of the Association as per the constitutional amendment. So, all units are requested to come to Gandhidham for convention to elect office bearers of the choice. No need to say that the valid convention is being held at Gandhidham only. If anybody is claiming to hold it at any other place, that is not a valid convention. It is also reiterated that the promotee group 'A' Central Excise officers are very well the full fledged members of the Association for all purposes like Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association. Unfortunately, week links are being contacted in every unit by some holders of some self styled & so called convention at some other place to divide the units. These so called holders of self styled convention at some other place as well as week links in the units are requested not to adopt divisive tactics to divide the cadre and disrupt our unity. Whatever so called bodies have been formed by the said divisive elements are noway the authorised bodies like the so called convention at some other place. Accordingly, all authorised units are requested to come to Gandhidham only for the 12th convention of the AIACEGEO.
Ravi Malik.

Posting of newly promoted ACs

I am also getting regular calls about the posting of newly promoted ACs. This issue is linked with the GST Notification. Both, posting orders of newly promoted ACs and issuance of GST Notification, are expected this week.
Ravi Malik.


Good Morning, friends.
I am getting regular calls about the DPC for the year 2016-17 and 2017-18 for the post of AC. It is intimated to all that the matter is at a bit halt on account of the verdict given by Madras High Court in the matter of Bhartan case regarding Parmar issue. The matter is being pursued for early DPC.
Ravi Malik.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Convention at Gandhidham

Frnds, I hv no conflict or difrence wid anybody. Notice of convention was isud duly based on Delhi AEC meeting presided by dear chandramouli only. Name of meeting was also had pre-convention meeting only on his suggestion. Then why this al and why so mny false claims? Unfortunately such things always hpn near convention. Unintentional delay of a few months is also not said delay, it generally hpns. And if hpnd, wht's remedy. Prhps declaration to convene it, wich hs alredy bn declared. V sud al participate in it. If it hs bn isud by ad hoc AC, it makes no difrence bcoz he is not only SG but also member of Asn as per constitutional amendmnt. So, al units r requested to come to Gandhidham for convention to elect Ofice bearers of Ur choice.

Appeal not to break units

Frnds, ONE MORE APPEAL. As v all know, 100% strength may not b with contestant particularly at d time of election. Evry unit may hv persons with opposite ideology or having some vested interest. So, such weak link may b in any/evry unit. Accordingly, it is reqstd to al frnds of divisive ideology pl not to try to divide units or break their unity by contacting weak links. Better authorised delegates come to GANDHIDHAM. Regards

Appeal for unity

Frnds gd mng. No need to say that constitution has alredy been amended to include central excise gp A promotee oficers as member of AIACEGEO without any condition. Moreover, ad hoc ACs r as good as supdt till not regulrised against permanent posts. If anybody/unit has any reservation, pl come to GANDHIDHAM & elect Ofice bearers of ur choice by casting vote in favor of ur favorite candidates. But not to come to GANDHIDHAM under influence of divisive tactics is no way. So, al units r once again reqsted to come to GANDHIDHAM throwing away any divisive idea. Don't forget that UNITED V STAND, DIVIDED V FALL. UNITY IS OUR STRENGTH. Regards