Wednesday, 19 October 2016

COC notice to FM

CO-ORDINATING COMMITTEE IN Department of revenue
(Representing Staff/Officer Association under CBEC & CBDT)
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F.No.CoC/CPC/2016-17                                                                      Dated: 18th October, 2016

The Hon’ble Minister of Finance,
Government of India,
North Block, New Delhi-110 001.

Respected Sir,

Subject: 7th Central Pay Commission – early settlement of long pending                   
                                       Departmental issues -request regarding.

            Kindly refer to our earlier submission dated 2nd May, 2016 on the above subject (copy enclosed).

This is for your kind information that the resentment in the entire Gr. B, C and promotee Gr. A officers & the members of the staff side of the CBDT & CBEC had compelled the joint forum of the Co-ordinating Committee in the Department of Revenue to convene a meeting on 24th September,2016 in Kolkata and unanimously opined that the Department of Revenue is very much reluctant to attend  the genuine grievances  of its  employees working in the field formations. Members present in the ibid meeting also raised their concern to the fact that the Departmental Council Meeting under JCM scheme has not been taking place since 2005 and the employees of the Department of Revenue had expressed their discontent and frustration for the absence of any proper grievance-redressal machinery for presenting the just demands of its officers/officials.

In this context, the said meeting has decided to request your goodself to redress  the following Charter of Demands.


a)     To ensure Minimum five up-gradations to all officers in uniform Promotional Hierarchy across all departments/Ministries in Govt. of India.
b)    To settle the pay anomalies & cadre structure of Havilder & Head Havilder of CBEC with similar cadre of IB/CBI/Other Departments. Accordingly, Grade Pay of Havaldar should be Rs. 2400/- in place of Rs. 2000/-.
c)     To Settle the pay anomalies of Inspector (GP of Rs. 4800/- instead of Rs. 4600/-) & Income Tax Officer/Superintendent (GP of Rs. 5400/- in PB3 instead of Rs. 4800/-) of Revenue Department with the same Grades/Cadres of IB/CBI/Other Departments.
d)    To bring in an identical pay structure & promotional hierarchy of the administrative wing in CBDT & CBEC which should also be at par with Hqrs. Organization i.e. Central Secretariat Office as mentioned in 7th CPC recommendations.
e)     To maintain the pay parity between the Auditors/Accountants of the Audit & Accounts Department and the Tax Assistants in Revenue Department and UDCs of other Central Govt. Departments, which have all along been in the same pay structure.
f)      To finalize and/or modify the Recruitment Rules (including the ones, already notified viz., Executive Assistant & Tax Assistant under CBEC) after taking into account the suggestions/views of staff Federations/Associations, representing the Stakeholders, immediately.
g)     To Hold DPCs immediately to fill up all the vacant posts in various cadres.
h)    To fill up all the vacant posts in direct recruit quota by way of special recruitment drive.
i)       To restore the sanctioned strength of drivers prior to cadre restructuring and purchase of more Govt. Vehicles. Merger of the cadres with main stream cadres in the same Grade Pay after suitable relaxation may be an alternative option.
j)       Restoration and revision of Rummaging Allowance and Diet Allowance paid to Customs Superintendents and Inspectors (Preventive Officer) in CBEC.  

            The members present in the above said meeting have unanimously opined that your goodself will direct the concerned to hold the Departmental Council Meeting of the Ministry of Finance, which has not been taking place for the last 11 years and settle the demands in an amicable manner, especially the anomalies which have arisen from the recommendations of the 7th CPC. It was also decided to hold the following demonstrative programme of action to project the above mentioned issues.

1)    On 9th November, 2016 the employees and officers of the field formations of Revenue Department will hold Lunch Hour Demonstration at all offices all over the Country.

2)    On 7th December,2016 the employees and officers will wear Black Badges with pending demands to attract the attention of the Press.

3)    On 5th January, 2017 Day long Dharna programme will be observed.

4)    The meeting has also decided that despite the observance of the above mentioned programme of action, if no settlement is reached, the Federations/Associations would be constrained to call upon its members for organisational action including cessation of work by taking mass casual leave in February, 2017, when the Hon’ble Finance Minister rises to present the annual budget in the Parliament.         
            We hope to have an early favorable action form your goodself.

            Thanking you.

                                                                        Yours sincerely,


                    (RAVI MALLIK)                                             (ANUPAM NEERAJ)                             (RUPAK SARKAR)
Copy for information and necessary action to:
(i) The Secretary, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, North Block, New Delhi
      (ii) The Chairperson, CBDT, North Block, New Delhi

     (iii) The Chairman, CBEC, North Block, New Delhi

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Help to Assn

The following oficers of Hyderabad have helped the Association by Rs. 5000/- each-
1. P shyam,
2. k Muralikrishna,
3. P shashidhar,
4. BR Pillai,
5.J V Sathyanarayana,
6. V PRAKASH Babu,
7. Kumar Ganesh
8. ASN Murthy,
9. Rajaram upadyay,
10. Arun Deshpande.
Great thanks to all of above officers. Also thanks to our Hyderabad unit for helping Association.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Dear friends,
Every effort is being made to get the DPC for the post of AC done keeping in view our regularly retiring officers. It was expected in the month of August/September but couldn't happen due to legal stay by Chennai CAT regarding the implementation of Parmar case. Every effort is being made to get this stay vacated without questioning the merits of the cause of the petitioners. It is, however, being learnt that the CBEC is going to issue some circular regarding the Parmar case.
          The DG, HRD has already communicated to Chennai zone to do the needful regarding this case for vacation of stay, so that the DPC may be conducted at its earliest. The information for 2014-15 and 2015-16 is already more or less available with the HRD to conduct the DPC. The CBEC was also requested to upload the list for 2016-17, for which a tentative list is already ready. But it seems that all vacancies for the years 2014-15 and 2015-16 will not be filled-up due to large number of retirement and accordingly, the remaining vacancies are to be carry forwarded to 2016-17 to extend the consideration zone. So, exact list for 2016-17 may only be published after the DPC of 2014-15 and 2015-16. Accordingly, the DPC for the year 2016-17 will be conducted within month of the DPC of 2014-15 and 2015-16.
Ravi Malik


President:                                          Address for communication:                                       Secretary General:
R. Chandramouli                240, Razapur, Ghaziabad-201001 (U.P.)                                              Ravi Malik
Mob. 08939955463   mail Id:ravimalik_sweet@yahoo.com, Site: cengoindia.blogspot.in Mob. 09868816290
Vice Presidents: P. Parwani, L. L. Singhvi (Central); AnuragChaudhary, Ravi Joshi (North); N. Raman, G. Srinath (South); B. K. Sinha, AshwiniMajhi (East); Rajesh Chaher, J. D. Patil (West) Joint Secretaries: Anand Kishore, J. S. Aiyer (Central); R. K. Solanki, AshishVajpeyi (North); M. Nagaraju, Ajithkumar P. C. (South); P. K. Sen, S. Bhattachariya (East); JasramMeena, M. K. Mishra (West) Office Secretary: C. S. Sharma
Treasurer: N. R. MandaLiaison Secretary: A. S. KunduCoordinator on Telangana: P. Shravan Kumar
(Recognised by G.O.I., Min. of Fin. vide letter F.No. B. 12017/10/2006-Ad.IV A Dt.21.01.08)
Ref. No. 171/R/16                                                                          Dt. 13.10.16
                                                                                                      REMINDER PL.       
Sh. Najib Shah,
Chairman, CBEC,
North Block, New Delhi.
Sub: Renewal of recognition.
Kindly refer to the following communications of the Association-
i) Ref. No. 218/R/14 Dt. 26.11.14.
ii) Ref. No. 06/R/15 Dt. 27.01.15.
iii) Ref. No. 112/R/15 Dt. 08.09.15.
iv) Ref. No. 156/R/15 Dt. 27.12.15.
2. Your kind attention is also invited to the letter F. No. CBEC-10C13(12)/1/2016-Ad.II B Dt. 29.09.16 mentioning that the recognition of this Association has lapsed on 20.01.15 and proposal for renewal is awaited.
3. It is worth to mention with due regards that no renewal of recognition is actually required for an already recognised association under current rules. Merely re-verification of membership is required, if administration wants it. This re-verification of membership is also not required in our case because there exists no other Association/claimant to represent the Central Excise Superintendents.  
4. It is also worth to submit that the recognition of the Association was renewed vide letter F. No. 12017/10/2012-Ad.IVA Dt. 25.02.13 of the CBEC further for 5 years w.e.f. 21.01.10 instead of 25.02.13, i.e., date of the issuance of the letter. It should have actually been renewed upto 25.02.18 vide above said renewal letter to count 5 years from the date of the issuance of this letter.
5. Despite of no renewal required, this Association sent the renewal proposal vide its communication under Ref. No. 218/R/14 Dt. 26.11.14 well in advance on insistence of the concerned section which was responded after more than one year by that section vide letter F.No.B. 12017/09/2015-AdIVA Dt. 11.12.15. Again despite of no requirement of renewal under the current rules, all queries were replied vide Ref. No. 156/R/15 Dt. 27.12.15 of the Association immediately after receiving the above said letter from the concerned section.
6. It is reiterated that there exists no other Association/claimant representing Central Excise Superintendents in the CBEC except this Association. This Association has been complying all the conditions and Govt. instructions set out in the CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 and will keep to comply the same regularly. It is also worth to submit that the recognition of the Association has never been withdrawn due to any lapse in complying the conditions or due to any other reason.
7. In view of the above, it is requested to take the necessary action accordingly and the name of this Association may kindly be struck down from the list of the associations whose recognition has been lapsed as per the version of the concerned section. If any re-verification of membership is really required, it is requested that the same may kindly be asked from the field formations 'on line' keeping in view that the thrust of the present govt. is already on paperless work and salaries of the govt. employees are already being prepared as well as sent electronically direct to the accounts of the concerned individuals.
 Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Secretary General.
Copy with the request for necessary action to:
The Member (P&V), CBEC, North Block, New Delhi.
                                                                                                                             (RAVI MALIK)

13.10.16 meet

The two main assurances were (1) That the Manpower has been matched with the formations (2) Four verticals through which manpower has been managed are (i) DG Taxpayer Services (ii) Anti Evasion expanded & to be called DGSTRA((iii) Regional NACEN's in every state( iv) DG, Dispute Resolution office. The paper on  complete organization structure is to be given to Associations immediately & all local units are requested to send their proposals through CC's after discussion with them for which the Member has authorized. AN advance copy can be sent to DGHRD directly. The fundamental flaw of adopting Revenue/ Assessee base as the template  instead of  Workload for  creation was pointed out to which there was no response. Kindly note that only tomorrow's program is deferred and the rest depends on further progress. The request for Minutes was turned down on the ground that the trade & state officials as the may use it to advance their cause. The majority were convinced. You will understand in due course of time.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

14.10.16 program deferred

As per decision taken by the Associations/Federations present in Meeting with member (p & v) today, programme  of 14th October deferred.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Meet with Chairman

Went again to Board office today and a meeting was held in the chamber of the worthy Chairman discussing the following points-
i) Immediate DPC for the post of Asstt. Commissioner.
ii) Pay scale to Central Excise Superintendent at par with DSP of CBI.
iii) NFU to our officers to grant financial parity with the best placed counterparts of CSS etc
iv) Measures that no senior officer of Central Excise is forced to work under junior officer of Customs.
v) Non-functional time scale in PB3 to Central Excise Superintendents like other counterparts instead of PB2 after 4 years of service.
vi) Next promotion of Central Excise Superintendent to STS.
vii) Scheme to improve the career prospects of Central Excise Superintendents as our officers are retiring with single promotion in the service career of 35-40 years.
viii) Implementation of the CBEC circular issued vide F. No. A-26017/44/94-Ad II (A) Dt. 08.03.95 regarding arrears of pay.
ix) Retrospective implementation of pay scale of Central Excise Superintendents at par with NCB.
x) Implementation of para 7.15.24 of 6th CPC report in light of UO No. 6/37/98-IC Dt. 24.11.14 of Expenditure.
xi) Undoing of MACP irregularities.
xii) Posting and Transfer in the grade of Superintendent of Central Excise in Coimbatore Zone.
xiii) Vacation of stay at Chennai CAT in Parmar case implementation.
xiv) Association office bearers not to be transferred out of Hqrs office.
Meeting was Chaired by the Chairman. Member (P&V) and ADG (HRM) also participated in the meeting.
They promised to conduct the DPC very soon and also take appropriate action on other points. Chairman was also pleased to say that our career prospects/man power would no way be affected by implementation of GST. He added that Hon'ble Finance Minister is with us. A meeting has also been called on 13.10.16 at 4 p.m. inviting other constituent associations of steering committee.
F.T.S. No.283269/2016/Dir.Ad.II A & B
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs
North Block,
New Delhi, the 10th October, 2016
1.  IRS (IDT) Officers’ Association
2.  All India Association of Central Ex. Gazetted Executive Officers.
3.  All India Appraising Officers’ Federation.
4.  All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association.
5.  All India Central Ex. & Ser. Tax Ministerial Officers’ Association.
6.  All India Central Ex. & Customs Gr. C Drivers’ Federation.
7.  All India Central Excise & Customs (Gr. C Non-Ministerial) Officers’ Association.
Subject:       Meeting with Steering Committee of Associations in CBEC on GST.
          Reference Steering Committee of Associations in CBEC on GST representation dated 1st October, 2016.
2.       It has been decided to convene a meeting with Steering Committee of Associations in CBEC on GST on 13th October, 2016 under the Chairpersonship of Member (Admn.), CEBC. You are, accordingly, requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting on 13th October, 2016 at 04.00 PM under the Chairpersonship of Member (Admn.), CEBC, in her chamber.
Yours faithfully,
(A.K. Qasim)
Director (Ad.II A&B)
Ph. No.011-23095530