{- OUR MAIN DEMANDS. •(1) Grade Pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 w.e.f 01.01.2006 to all Superintendents of Central Excise and Time scale in PB-3 on completion of 4 years service as Superintendent (2) Stagnation to be reduced to less than 4 years for induction to Group-A in STS ( DC) grade directly. (3) 3rd MACP & 2nd MACP should be Grade Pay Rs. 7600 in PB-3 & 6600 in PB-3 respectively. (4) Parity in matter of career prospects of (Group-B) Inspector along with Examiner of Customs and other counter parts.}----. Further we also demand that (1) 50% of Dearness allowance should be merged with basic pay (2), the New Pension Scheme and PFRDA Bill should be withdrawn (3) relaxation children education allowance from Income Tax (4) Cash less health scheme to all Central Excise Employees (5) removal of the unscientific ceiling in compassionate appointment (6)creation of separate service to maintain all India seniority list for Inspectors and prospective removal of zonal disparity in promotions (7) introduction of in situ/ time bound promotional scheme to grant 5 promotions to all Inspectors of Central Excise in their entire service career,those have completed 8 years as Inspector and 20 years as Inspector and Supdt. combinedly should be upgraded to the post of Supdt and AC respectively (8) immediate DPC against existing vacancies in the cadre of AC, (9) regularization of adhoc promotions pending since 97 on revised ratio as per SC decision dated 03.08.11(10) Three upgradations under MACP should be post based like ACP scheme.(11) provision for proper infrastructures to all offices with a provision of sitting arrangement as per prescribed norms (12) issue of laptop/mobile to all Inspectors/Superintendents (13)granting of pay scale of 2000-3200 & 6500-10500 to the cadre of Inspector w.e.f 01.01.86 & 01.01.96 respectively (14) granting of pay scale of 2200-4000 & 8000-13500 to the cadre of Superintendent w.e.f 01.01.86 & 01.01.96 respectively (15) CR must be conducted in every 4 years block like CSS.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dear friends,
good afternoon.
1. There was a much awaited meeting/presentation (postponed by FM on 10.12.12) with FM yesterday on 11.01.13 by the Revenue Secretary & our Board. FM has placed some queries which are to be replied to him soon. It is, however, being learnt that austerity measures would not affect our CR. Details are awaited.
2. The file to implement the new ratio formula from 97 was moved around 3 weeks ago with positive note from HRD but the same was not agreed by higher ups at that time as per the information gathered. The matter is being pursued vigorously and once again has been initiated. I have procured some relevant papers in this relation to be submitted to the concerned authorities. Let's see the result. 
3. Minutes of the meeting with the Officers’/Staff Associations under CBEC held on 21-12-2012 by DG,HRD are attached herewith with the request to send due suggestions as already requested.
4. The units/office bearers are again requested to send the feedback for 'non-offset of MACP upgradation with time scale' case.
5. The Chennai Unit is once again requested to kindly convey the status of the contempt petitions to be filed by the advocate in r/o MACPS.
6. I also went through a few deviating mails in r/o the agitional programme/charter of demands. I'll only requst all the units and officers that it is not the time to counter the issues but we should be all united to follow the programme as per the notice served under the worthy guidance of our President. It is the result of the notice only that action has been initiated as per the points 1 & 2 above. So, kindly concentrate to make the programme a 'grand sucess'. We'll have to think that the things are not so easy for us. We have to make continuous, long and effective efforts to achieve the things which are not possible without making the required presuure on the concerned authorities with "all united efforts". If we are unable to give an all united message to them, it'll serve no prpose.